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In our offer, we have three types of Eurodiesel fuels:


PREMIUM Plus Eurodiesel represents the upgrade of diesel fuel. It consists of a multi-purpose additive package that provides it with a better performance. This high-quality fuel allows new engines to function at their full capacity, enabling their better performance, higher power, lower consumption, protection against impurities and reduced emissions of harmful gases.

  • Higher Engine Power
    Combustion of fuel produces deposits of impurities that negatively affect the engine’s operation. Using Premium Plus fuels increases the flow of injectors, impurities disappear, the fuel is more efficiently dispersed, so the engine power is renewed and increased.
  • Better Engine Performances
    Usage of Premium Plus Eurodiesel fuels improves the engine start-up and the work of the engine becomes more stable and quieter. Also, this type of fuel combusts more efficiently.
  • Economic Drive
    Thanks to the high performance and additives that it contains, Premium Plus Eurodiesel allows you to drive more kilometres using it than with other diesel fuels. Consequently, your fuel costs will be lower.
  • It Protects the Fuel Systems
    The additive complex this fuel contains has a cleaning component that removes accumulated impurity deposits. This component also affects the reduction of the risk of breakdowns and it helps extend the working life of the engine. Also, premium fuel contains an anti-corrosive component that stops further corrosion on metal parts of the engine, while it does not allow corrosion to occur on new cars.
    The high-quality premium fuel is also the right choice in cold winter days, allowing safe driving even at temperatures of up to – 40 °C.


This fuel complies with the applicable European standard EN 590 according to all the quality requirements and application characteristics. It is sulphur-free and it is intended for vehicles with highly efficient systems. The total sulphur content is maximum 10 mg/kg, and the addition of adequate additives ensures the required lubricity. It may contain up to 7% of fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) in terms of its volume share.


We are able to offer two types of petrol to our customers who use it:

  • SUPER 100 I

    In comparison to petrol, Super 95 has a higher octane value, which gives the engine more power, increases its efficiency and improves performance. It provides faster start, shorter combustion time, giving greater power and flexibility to the engine and better performance of the car.

  • SUPER 95

    It complies with the European standard EN 228. This fuel has an optimally balanced composition, but a slightly higher sulphur content. It can be used for older types of cars and cars that do not have a built-in catalytic flue-gas purging device.


Auto gas is a mixture of propane and butane. Liquefied petroleum gas intended for the propulsion of cars with built-in gas appliances. The main advantages of auto gas are its cost-effectiveness and its environmental aspect, because it is classified as the lowest environment polluting energy. It burns without smoke, soot and unpleasant smells.

In addition to the cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits, the use of auto gas also has other benefits as well: high heating value, high octane number, easy evaporation, easy homogeneous mixing and cost-effectiveness.