Service centre


  • Bor petrol d.o.o.
    Cara Dušana bb
    78220 Kotor Varoš
    Republika Srpska
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Tel: +387 51 785 621

It is located in the building of the service centre. Licensed motor vehicle inspection services have been performed here since 2000. You can do your regular motor vehicle inspections here and our staff will help you regardless if this is only for your car registration and extension of registration, car insurance activities and such. We perform motor vehicle inspections for passenger and commercial vehicles. All our customers, while waiting for motor vehicle inspection or car registration of their vehicle, are presented with a gift voucher for drink, which they can use in our café.

The motor vehicle inspection service also includes the place of Atos Insurance, so that you can do your motor vehicle inspection, registration and mandatory automobile liability insurance policy in a simple and fast way.