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Car wash

On our offer, we have four types of car wash services, so you can choose in which way would you like to wash your car.

  • Self-service car wash

    Our self-service car wash is at your disposal for 24 hours a day. It is designed to provide you with the ultimate washing result with minimal effort and ease of use. It offers four washing programs. The fourth program relates to polishing the vehicle with hot wax that is applied to the surface through the softened hot water jets. After using this program, the surface remains dry and spotless.

    We give a gift coin to all our customers who refuel their cars in the amount of 50 KM to use at a self-service car wash.

  • Automatic car wash je is equipped for outer washing of passenger vehicles, polishing and waxing. This is a modern car washing method using automatic brushes.
  • Complete car wash

    However, if you still want to let the professionals deal with the hygiene of your car, we recommend manual car washing. You can choose between inner, outer or complete manual washing of your car.

  • Chemical car cleaning

    Inner cleanliness of the car is quite important and many vehicles are not chemically cleaned, although they have been cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Having in mind that a lot of time is spent driving, inner cleanliness of the car affects human health. It would be desirable to do chemical cleaning at least once a year. Detergents used in the washing process have no lasting odour and the washing process lasts for about 6 hours.