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Advertising at Bor petrol

Oglašavanje na Bor petrolu

Since the beginning of 2017, the Bor Petrol Business Centre has offered an opportunity for advertising on LED display, which is an expansion of its earlier offer for billboard advertising as well as click-clack frames in the stop shop and automobile store.

LED display advertising is a modern way of communication with the target group of consumers and it presents a completely new phase in the development of outdoor advertising. If there is a need to make constant changes of advertising contents, this medium is of multiple use for it. LED display is installed at the Bor Petrol management building and it is visible from the direction of Banja Luka, with the length of exposition of minimum 50m, full HD resolution and 4x8m dimensions.


  • Display format: 4x8m
  • The shortest lease period: 7 days, starting from Monday
  • Length of one display session: 8 seconds
  • Number of display sessions: 15-20 times/hour
  • Display working time: Monday to Sunday, 06-24h
  • Advertising contents can be static, animated or video

We offer a possibility of making a static display contents to all the interested in LED display advertising.

In addition to LED display advertising, there is a possibility of advertising on parking billboards as well as on click-clack frames for B2 posters and 3 self-standing frames of 29×40 dimensions. A huge number of people goes through the Bor Petrol Business Centre on a daily basis and these people are all potential customers of products and services. Use the opportunity and advertise your promotional message directly to the end users!