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  • Bor petrol d.o.o.

Cara Dušana bb
78220 Kotor Varoš
Republika Srpska
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel: +387 51 785 621
Email: info@borpetrol.biz

About us

We were established in 1999 as a profit centre and, in 2006, we became one of the eight members of the Fagus Group.

We have a modern organisation and business centre and we offer to our customers a large number of good-quality services and products. We are well-known for the recognised quality of goods and services, the wide and varied offer as well as the kindness and professionalism of our employees.

Within the framework of the Bor Petrol, there is a petrol station, an automobile store, a café, a stop shop, self-service car washes, a car repair service, wheel alignment, technical inspection of motor vehicles and automobile liability insurance.

Good supply with all types of engine fuel, the European quality fuel and a good price and quality ratio are what distinguishes us from other petrol stations in the area.

Bor Petrol is a part of the Fagus Group

The company was founded by the decision of the brothers Malijević in July 1991 in Kotor Varoš, with a desire to continue the tradition of wood processing started in the 1920s by their father and grandfather. In the 25 years of its existence, Fagus started from a small sawmill, employing several employees, and founded 8 member companies of the Fagus Group, with more than 400 employees.

Today, the Fagus Group is a large business giant, a locomotor of development in the region and one of the largest producers in the wood processing sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Throughout many years of growth and development, our great support and driving force were precisely our customers, consumers and business partners, whose we justify with high quality and affordable prices.